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Posted on November 8, 2010 at 2:33 PM
So, it’s that time again.  It’s been six weeks and there’s no putting it off any longer.  You need your colour done but  the dilemma is the same; do you spend the money (and have it professionally done) or cheap out (and make a trip to the drugstore)….that is the question!  Learn why having your colour done by a professional with professional products is be better for your hair and  potentially your pocketbook! 

Many people argue that using drugstore colour is great because of the convenience and low cost, but I am here to give you the facts on why it’s in your best interest not to use it.  Buying a box of hair colour at your corner drugstore is convenient and cost effective for you but have you ever sat down and really thought about the downside? 
A box of hair colour at the drugstore usually costs under ten dollars but here’s what you need to consider.  When you get your colour done at the salon, you are not only paying for the product itself, but the experience and knowledge of the colourist.  In my opinion, this is worth the cost alone!   Do you really want to take the chance that the box that said light natural blonde you may actually turn your hair a medium ashy brown? 
The problem with drugstore colours is that they don’t have eyes or a brain!  Only a pro can assess your hair and take the many factors into account that help determine the right formula for you, not only to achieve your desired colour, but with minimal damage.   Whether the hair is virgin or has been coloured, what the porosity level is, hair type (coarse, ethnicity, etc) and underlying pigment are just a few factors involved in the formulating process.  Whether more than one colour may need to be applied another thing to consider.  Often there can be up to three formulas needed when there is regrowth, multi tones and/or porosity levels to consider.  A box at the drugstore will never be able to customize like that!

Although drugstore hair colour’s convenience and prices are tempting, stick to your guns!  Paying a little extra is worth it for your hair’s sake and will save you money on corrective colour in the long run.  As far as convenience goes, you can book your next appointment before you leave the salon…it doesn’t get much easier than that so go on and splurge…your hair deserves it! 

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